Moving long distances moves can be an exhausting experience for both physically and mentally. Not only do you have to transport yourself to your new location, but all of your belongings as well. It's crucial time to accurately estimate the time it will take for your move to avoid being stranded in an empty space without your possessions.

Don't let miscalculations ruin your moving day. There is no estimated length of time it will take for you to move interstate. It is only depending heavily on the distance you are traveling, as well as other factors.

 Below are some lists of factors that to consider when estimating the duration of your move.

Five Factors That Affect How Long Your Move Will Take


The amount of time it takes to move long distance depends, of course, on how far you are moving. It is estimated that moving trucks travel 500 miles a day on average. For example, a moving truck would take on average five days to move from Las Vegas to New York City. It would take about one day to travel from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, and two days to travel from Las Vegas to Seattle.

 To estimate how long your move will take, you cannot simply use the average distance a moving truck covers in a day. Especially with interstate moves, other factors can influence how long your move takes. Below are some of them.

Weather Conditions

It is possible for bad weather conditions to seriously delay your move. It is possible for roads to be blocked by snow and ice. A bad storm could cause a truck to get stuck. Truck drivers may drive slower on wet roads.

Weather conditions will determine how long and whether there will be a delay due to bad weather. However, if you are moving during the winter, it is more likely that you will encounter some sort of delay.

The winter is often a time when long-distance movers and interstate movers offer cheaper rates. Therefore, if you decide to move during the winter to save money, you should be aware of the greater chances of a delay caused by the weather.


Long-distance moves are influenced by traffic conditions. There are some of these that are easier to predict than others. When passing through many major cities during rush hour, it is easy to predict that your move will be delayed.

Some traffic conditions, however, can be unexpected. An accident on the route, for example, could cause a traffic jam or delay.

In the end, traffic delays can be caused by unpredictable factors. To be on the safe side, it is better to add on at least an extra day in case of traffic delays.

Stops Along the Way

Gas prices can be high, so to save on expenses, interstate movers and long-distance moving companies often consolidate multiple people's belongings into one trip. While this approach is cost-effective, it does increase the overall time of the move. The moving truck will need to make multiple stops for pickups and drop-offs, potentially including small detours along the way. This strategy aims to optimize efficiency while considering the logistics of multiple shipments.

Size of your Apartment/House

When planning your move, it's important to consider not only the transportation time but also the loading process by the long-distance moving company. The duration of loading depends on the volume of your belongings, which is typically determined by the size of your apartment or house.

For a studio apartment, the loading process usually takes around 2-3 hours for long-distance moving companies. If you have a 2-4 bedroom apartment or house, it can take approximately 3-7 hours. In the case of larger properties with at least 5 bedrooms, the loading time might extend to around 8-10 hours.

These estimations provide a general idea of the time required for loading your belongings onto the moving truck. However, it's important to note that the actual duration can vary based on factors such as the complexity of the items being moved, accessibility of the property, and the efficiency of the moving crew.


Moving long distances is not an easy task. You have to consider and account for so many factors. Moving companies and interstate movers will provide you with a rough estimate of how long your move will take, taking into account all of the above factors. You may contact with First Choice Moving Company.

Get in touch with long distance movers Las Vegas today if you need a reliable long-distance mover. We'll help you plan your move and tell you how long a long-distance move will take.